Authenticity on the Menu

By Parista Yuthamanop, Bangkok Post
The owner of Wandee Culinary School discusses the true art of Thai cuisine

The art of Thai cuisine can't be mastered through books alone; an aspiring chef must know the recipes and put in long hours of practice.

Parista Yuthamanop

But the proliferation of Thai cooking schools is proof that many consider learning the basics from professionals an important step towards success.

Founded 14 years ago, the Wandee Culinary School, named after founder Wandee Na Songkhla, now stands among the top Thai-cuisine schools.

Mrs Wandee, or Ajarn Wandee as she is respectfully called by her students, says the hardest part of teaching is making sure recipes do not stray from authenticity when passing them on to students.

Thai cuisine, with its delicacy and intricacy, is one of the most difficult to master in the world, she says.

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