The Edmonton Journal
"...When the good little Thai Valley Grill on 98th Avenue fell under the bulldozer to make way for yet another housing development, many fans mourned its loss... Now, the good news: After a stint at a cooking school in Bangkok, Sunita is back, and the reincarnation is happening..."
Vue Weekly
"...Thai Valley Grill doesn't mess with other cuisines in an attempt to placate patrons who can't handle the heat, instead serving up authentic fare with no apologies... some of the city's most incredible Thai cuisine..."
Edmonton Plus
"...the Thai Valley Grill is an intimate little place with an incredible selection of Thai food... The combinations are creative, like the pandulus chicken appetizer (marinated chicken wrapped in banana and pandulus leaves, with cucumber salad)... Soups are exceptional and a must try is the Tom Kha Kai, with chicken, mushrooms and asparagus in a thick, spicy, coconut broth..."
Restaurant Thing
"Exception food - No question, this is one of the best restaurants in the city for food quality and by far the best Thai food. Everything is generously portioned, fresh and has a home-cooked style..."

"You have to try this place - The service was quick and friendly and the food was served much quicker than I expected... Very impressive first visit..."
Pete Desrochers
"...Since they opened a couple of years ago, it has been one of my favorite eating establishments; and it is still one of Edmonton's best kept secrets... Great service and simply marvelous food. What more can one say? 9 out of 10. Try one of Edmonton's best secrets. You'll be pleasantly surprised."
Allium Foodworks Personal Chef (Elaine Wilson)
"...If you're looking for truly authentic Thai cuisine, this is the place to go. They make their own roasted, crushed peppers, chili oils... their Pad Thai reminds me of the one I enjoy when I'm in Chiang Mai. They serve sticky rice and will prepare any dish Thai-style hot..."


Please call the restaurant directly for the latest availability and for parties larger than 6 people: 780.413.9556

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